The Prototype

6,000 kr 3,500 kr

This one have been in the pipelines for a while. The prototype is a perfect combination of lightness and rigidity without having the feel of a two by four. It is a camber ski with a slight early rise in both tip and tail for carving kickers without getting that catchy feel. The low rocker also contributes to an easy to find balancing point on butters and presses.

The core is rod glued beech and poplar for the lightness and stability. We have also used a rubber compound in the tips and tails, the rubber dampens the ski so it doesn’t sound like you have a Glock in your ear when you land hard. It also reduces the risk of delamination. It is the little things that makes all the big differences.

Base: Black graphite race base with white die-cut logo on tip and tail Rocker profile: Traditional camber with early rise in the tip and tail Semi-cap construction: Cap construction in tip/tail, sandwich construction underfoot.

Shape: 117-88-113
Turn radius: 21 m (181) Edges: 2,3 mm
Weight: 1841 g
Woodcore: Poplar and beech

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