The It

6,700 kr 3,500 kr

The It is as flexy as ever. This ski is suitable for a lighter skier or the type with flow and swervy style complimented with technical finesse. The poplar and beech wood core is a perfect combination of strength, lightness and poppy, playful character. The edges are some of the thickest around, allowing for the possibility for more services without grinding through the base. Detune the edges without worrying about making them brittle or snapping easily and worry less about hitting those damn rocks.

The race grade graphite base delivers lightning speed and if you’re lazy, they slide just fine without daily fresh wax.

Shape: 135-106-128mm
Turn radius: 19 m (178)
Edges: 2,3 mm
Woodcore: Poplar and beech
Base: Black graphite race base with white die-cut logo on tip and tail
Rocker profile: Traditional camber with early rise in the tip and tail
Semi-cap construction: Cap construction in tip/tail, sandwich construction underfoot.

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