Evolving like a precious brainchild in Åre, we wanted to make skis that rip the whole mountain! That’s right, whether it’s on-piste, off-piste, or up in the air, they deliver! Now we have simmered down and narrowed in our vision to focus our ideas and energy into two versions of the same ski, The It and The It-Stiff. But we would never just stop there, ideas are hard to slow down here and our innovation never stops flowing so follow us to see what tricks we have up our sleeve for the future.

We don’t believe in gender specific skis and apparel. Our skis won’t categorize you based on your gender. A girl doesn’t necessarily like graphics with pink flowers and kittens and boys don’t always like to play cowboy and shoot guns (although it is awfully fun). Our goal is to make all ski models with two different flexes and graphics, each with different riders and styles in mind. So if you like our skis, we’ll love you right back and welcome to our family. And if you don’t, well, we really don’t care. To each their own.

The environment is one of the most important factors in developing our passion, without snow we cannot ski. We want to keep production local to help sustain our environment and keep the snow around! All CMD skis are made in Åre and use Åre Skidfabrik as our factory and development center.

Another goal is to engage people that are as creative as we are and to give them a chance to express themselves, either through their skiing or through their art. Therefore we are always looking for illustrators and artists of any kind to share their arts with us. We want to support other dreamers and spread creativity! We welcome any type of collaboration imaginable, given that it is doable.

This project has been made possible by the help of some truly amazing people. Without them, none of this could’ve been done. A lot of the individuals involved have contributed without any concern of monetary compensation and only with their own development, professional growth and contribution to a dream as their main reward.



Alexander Adolfsson - Graphics

Annali Walin - Content Writing

Anton Silvola - Development

Carl Gundersen - Graphics

Edvin Hellsing - Web Development/Design

Fredrik Söderberg - Development

Martin Söderberg - Graphics

Matti Rapila Andersson  - Photography

Sofie Ahlqvist - Photography

Åre Skidfabrik and everyone working there, thank you for believing in us.