You are soon an owner of a brand new pair of CMD Skis. Free Shipping in Sweden.

  • The It kr6700
  • The It – Stiff kr7000
  • The Prototype kr6000
  • The Wizard kr7500
  • Bindnings

    We will mount your skis, so you can hit the slopes as soon as possible. Add information about your sole length, weight and mounting point in the checkout.

  • Kingpin 13 kr4000
  • Jester kr2000
  • Griffon kr1200
  • Precision
    We make our skis with high precision in every step of the making process.
    New Technology
    Åre Skidfabrik is one of the most modern factories in Europe with new technology.
    We handpick all of our materials to secure the quality of the skis.